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About Maurice

Name: Maurice Quillinan

Education: 1979-1983: Diploma in Fine Art with Distinction, Limerick School of Art and Design
1982 Education Exchange, Newport College of Art, Wales
1984-1985: Royal College of Art, London
1985-1986: Ecole National Superieur des Beaux, paris

Teaching Experience

1983-1984: Technician (sculpture Department),L.S.A.D
1986-1989: Foundation (Pre Dip) Tutor at L.A.S.D
1988-1991: Invited to Structure a Foundation Course in Newcastlewest
1990: Visiting Lecturer to MacMaster University, Canada (March-June)
1997: Dun Laoghaire College of Art
1991-1998: Portfolio Preparation, Painting and Life Painting Tutor with C.E.E.R., N.C.A.D., Dublin


Maurice initially studied sculpture and printmaking at Limerick School of Art. VEC scholarship.  Maurice did mostly stone carving and some bronze maquettes for the larger stone pieces. The bronze work was done at CAST in Dublin, giving him an early introduction to the professional world of art.  Maurice has always drawn incessantly anything that might yield an idea for a new piece; this is a process Maurice has never stopped. In LSAD the class had a great teacher in Tom Fitzgerald. He taught Maurice welding, machine work, virtually every making skill there was, so students had a vast arena from which to develop any projects which they would come up with. After graduating Maurice spent a year working as a technician in the sculpture department. This proved to be another invaluable learning experience, not to mention the multitude of canvas stretchers made for the staff. After this year Maurice studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Maurice was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation scholarship. As part of his time there artists such as Bernard Meadows, Brian Kneal, Elizabeth Frink, Anthony Caro, Eduardo PaoulotzMauricewere available to discuss work with. Maurice worked part time for Henry Moore, which was an extraordinary experience. To see ideas evolving and being enlarged multiple times. Henry Moore gave him a drawing lesson one day, part of which he said ‘Learn to draw, learn to look, you can make sculpture anytime’. Maurice had been doing less and less sculpture at this stage and drawing and painting were taking over his time. After graduating Maurice was offered a full time job at Henry Moore’s studio, but Maurice wanted to continue in his own direction, so he went on to Paris where Maurice enrolled as an Auditere Libre, a free student) in the sculpture school. Maurice was sent to the life drawing room and basically never went back to sculpture after this. He worked part time for the French sculptor, Maxim Adam Tessier. Maurice stayed at the Irish College. To have one of the world's greatest collectons of art to visit every day. After this Maurice returned to Limerick where he worked for a year in the Core year at LSAD. Then Maurice returned to France finding a studio in Montmartre. Maurice kept working and selling the odd few pieces to keep going. Maurice met the American sculptor Pat Diska at an opening. The pair got on well and she offered him a house and studio in Lacoste, in the south. This opened his eyes to pure saturated colour. There were lots of abandoned quarries where his brother taught him to abseil when he visited. The life here was great and inexpensive. The American school… and the chance to meet visiting international artists in the local café in the evenings. Maurice stayed in Lacoste from April to September for three years and spent the winters in Paris. After a massive thunder and lightening storm Maurice sort of felt homesick for the rain! So he returned to Ireland. Then he was awarded a visiting lecturer at Macmaster in Toronto. Maurice was very kindly lent part of Graham Todd’s vast studio. Then back to Ireland, living firstly in Dublin then in Kildare. He was part time teaching in NCAD, painting as well as renovating an old house. Maurice eventually sold the house and returned to Limerick. He studied History of Art and Architecture at UL and taught part time. Maurice work is available to buy online through this website, via the Contact page.



Part time tutor NCAD Dublin, 
Member of the Association Of Artists in Ireland
Board of Continuing Education, Education Research, Dublin


Corporate Collections

Aughinish Alumina Ltd., Co. Limerick
Guiness Peat Aviation., Co Clare
Cresent College Comprehensive, Limerick
Town Of Ennistymon, Co.Clare
Smurfit, Dublin
Limerick Contemporary Art Society, Limerick
Town of Newcastlewest,Co.Limerick
Hill Samuel Bank, Hong Kong
Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong  
Citi Bank, Dublin
Bank of America, Hong Kong               
Great Southern Hotels Group, Ireland
Heritage Catering, Ireland
National Trust Management Agency, Dublin 

Private Collections

Work in private Collections in Ireland
Malta, France, England, Canada, Australia, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and the United States.